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Taranaki Tunnel Tour

November, 2007

The Tunnels






There are a few shots here simply of some of the tunnels.

If you are not interested in them, look no further.


Back in the good old days the AA road maps showed all the road tunnels in Taranaki.  Not so today.
Back in the mid eighties I was browsing a Taranaki map, saw the tunnels on it, and I was hooked.

There are, as far as I can make out, 11 tunnels.  There are the two short ones that anyone travelling between
Te Kuiti and New Plymouth has experienced : Awakino Gorge and Mt Messenger.


The next most well known one is the Moki Tunnel, also known as "Hobbits Hole", on the road between
Taumarunui and Stratford.

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For the rest, you have to get a little adventurous.


No 4 is between Ahititi and Ohura on a level, sealed road.
There are bridges at each end crossing the Tongaporutu River
where it makes a big horseshoe curve.

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No 5 is on Matau Road, near Kiore.   This one of the longer tunnels and has had the
interior sprayed with concrete.

This is the southern end.

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No 5 inside.

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No 5 northern end.

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No 5 inside the north end.

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No 6 is on Otaraoa Road, between Tarata and Tikorangi.
Unlike most of the others, it is not at a summit - there is a reasonable grade from south to north.

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It is obviously used to having trucks scraping the side.

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No 7 has the summit just inside the south portal.
This one is on Uruti Road.

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The north portal has new reinforcing recently fitted.

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No 8 is a short one between Uruti and Moki, on Moki Road.
(Do not confuse it with Moki Tunnel)
This is the western end and there is a downgrade.

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No 8's eastern end

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No 9 is on Kiwi Road.
This road has signs warning against taking caravans and heavy vehicles along it.

This is the eastern end.

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And the western end.

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Tunnels 10 and 11 were not visited on this trip.  If you are interested
you can see them on Brewer Road, east of Strathmore on SH43
and way down Raupuna Road, south east of Toko, on SH43, and Huinga.

For more information on Taranaki's Tunnels have a look at
Taranaki Tunnel Stories








Photos : John McK

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