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Auckland Cycle Touring Association




Sunday 10 August, 2008




For the first time in living memory (it seems)
Auckland had wall to wall sunshine.

ACTA decided to do the Auckland 50k route,
starting at the sunken garden in Cornwall Park.

This grove of magnolias is not far from there.

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Twin Oaks Drive was looking great with the daffodils out.
Yeeha!!   Spring must be on the way!

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Lunchtime at Mission Bay.  Although it was gloriously fine, there was a fairly cold sou'easterly blowing.

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Mission Bay had lots of people making the most of the day, but they were well wrapped up in
their winter woolies.

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The view of Rangitoto right in front of where we had lunch.

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Looking out to Moehau.  It is not often that there is no cloud on the tops.

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The beachfront path was chocka at Kohimarama.

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Back at Cornwall Park with the afternoon sun now lighting up Twin Oaks Drive.

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It was so nice today, even the motorists had been smiling at us.


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Photos by John McK