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Waiau Pa History Ride

7 June, 2009




John G decided to take us to the Waiau Pa area for a history lesson.

He used the book   "The Mystery of the History of Waiau Pa" while doing his research.

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The first stop for our history lesson was to be the Seagrove Airfield.

On the way, someone wondered if we were heading the right way.

Bill assured us we were on the right road.


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At the site of the airfield, not far as the crow flies from the Auckland International Airport,
John gave us some interesting info about the airfield.

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One of the runways, there had been two of them, ran parallel to the fence, between us
and the Manukau Harbour.









The airfield was home to 25 (Dive Bomber) Squadron from 31 July, 1943.

The aircraft used was the Douglas Dauntless, models SBD-3 and SBD-4.




Sometimes landings were not quite as smooth as they should be........





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At lunchtime, at Waiau Beach - next to the Waitete Pa site - it was
amazing how bicycles were abandoned once the thought of food
came uppermost in the riders' minds.

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At the site of the Waitete Pa.

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As well as being a great day for cycling, it was also pretty good for trying your luck with
a fishing line.

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Or hopping in the dinghy to go out and set a net.

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When Joan saw the book John had used she said, "I know the lady who wrote that!"

So it really added something special to the ride to be able to visit Jewel Dell, the book's author, on our way
back from the Waitete Pa.

Here she is with John G and Joan.

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Photos : John McK.

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