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5 July, 2009




On a day that threatened to be showery, Bill took us from Albany to
Silverdale for morning tea (or coffee).

As we were leaving we realised we had a small bike - Cathy's folding Dahon
and a
big bike - John's Trek tandem.    Annette was stoking - a first for her.

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Photo: Bill, John & Photoshop.









We then went up and down to Stillwater.
This was going to be the lunch stop, but the weather made it a little less
than salubrious.

However, this did not stop Annie from giving a membership form to
Roger on his first ride with ACTA.

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Photo: Shae & Photoshop








So we headed back up the hill and mosied (is that how you spell moseyed?) over
to the Dairy Flat airfield where the Aviation Club kindly let us have our lunch
on their deck overlooking the airstrip and sheltered from the wind.

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Photo: John


And then it was back to Albany, via Coatesville for an ice cream.
But no one got a camera out.









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