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Wednesday Ride

29 July, 2009




Great News!   Wednesday riders have found a camera and a photographer.



Here's a happy looking David - he's happy 'cos he's at the top of the hill -
and he's way ahead of the bunch.

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But Gaye's not too far behind - and still well ahead of everyone else.

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Here they come, closing fast, with a sprightly Jack at the head,
holding off the rest of the bunch.
I hope I'm looking that good when I am as young as he is.

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Left to right, Bill, John, Jack and Ray.

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Looks like it must have been a nippy morning.
David, Gaye, John B, Jack (obscured) behind Bill, and Ray.

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Ray bringing up the rear, warding off the following traffic.

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An interesting track in to the back of Helensville.

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The happy bunch at Kerry's home after a birthday morning tea of wine, cakes, wine, tea, and wine.

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Ray, David, Bill, John B, Jack, Glen, Gaye, and Annette.









A close-up of the birthday girl  -  Happy Birthday Annie.

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Aren't you supposed to relax and be pampered on your big day??











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Just so long as another year did not leave you......









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Lunchtime on Old North Road.

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Photos: Keith S.









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