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Progressive Breakfast

23 August, 2009




Pat and Denis add their bikes to the collection at the top of
One Tree Hill, this year's starting place for ACTA's annual
Progressive Breakfast ride.

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The Maori Warrior is overseeing the proceedings.

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Time for a chat and bubbly and orange juice - or only orange juice if you arrived late -
in the company of Sir John Logan Campbell.

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Time to find a bike and head away from One Tree Hill to see if we can find coffee and brioche.

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It was a glorious morning to cycle along Twin Oaks Drive.

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We found the coffe and brioche.

It looks like a pretty serious business.

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After that J McK had to leave the ride. If anyone else took some shots of the ride, or the next two courses, from here on
they could email them to me for adding to the record.




Photos: John McK.









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