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60km Around Auckland

11 October, 2009




We finally had a bit of sunshine.  It was certainly very different from the weather
we had when doing a similar ride back in June.  Glen must have better connections with Hughey.

Here we are gathered for our pre-ride briefing at Panmure Basin.

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On the Onehunga Bike Path heading towards  -  you guessed it  -   Onehunga.

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Almost at the end of the Path and not far from  -  you guessed it  -   coffee.

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A nice place for our coffee stop - the Courtyard at the back of Columbus, Onehunga.

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Time to take in the view from the top of Mt Roskill.
This was minutes before Peter took his tumble coming down the hill when he was ejected
from his bike as he went over a very poorly marked speed hump that was obscured by shadow.

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As we were leaving Mt Roskill we realised that The Stones had rolled in to town.
So we stopped so they could have their photo taken with us.

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Then our leader took us along the side of Mt Roskill on a little obstacle course.
Hopefully, the missing link in the nice bike path alongside the motorway will not be missing too long.

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Arrival at Unitec at Carrington.

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Lunchtime at Western Springs.

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The somewhat narrow boardwalk alongside Cox's Creek.

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Photos: John McK.









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