Whangamomona to Te Wera

14 November, 2010

We leave the tunnels and the wet bits behind and head towards smoko and the slip bits.




7 km from Whangamomona.

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Photo: Margaret








Selwyn is captured capturing another important moment.

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Photo: Maurice









Lyn, Gaye and Neale were looking down at the remains of an old bridge.

Taranaki Tour Nov-14.jpg (220357 bytes)

Photo:Lyn or Neale









It's not only bridges that have met their match here : this 4WD was not quite up to the challenge.

Taranaki Tour Nov-11.jpg (167938 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale







Morning tea stop.

Taranaki Tour Nov-13.jpg (144243 bytes)

Photo: Lyn












While stopped here 4 walkers came by : young guys going to hunt goats.

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Photo: Margaret









Slip on the Whangamomona Rd-1.jpg (260667 bytes)

Photo: Colin








Looking at it the other way.

P1010840-1.JPG (230385 bytes)


Photo: Mack










Another slip!!

IMGP3366-1.JPG (216422 bytes)

Photo: Margaret













Almost at the end.   It is now only a couple of hundred metres across a paddock.

Group on the Whangamonona Rd-1.jpg (94753 bytes)

Photo: Colin









Looking back up the Whangamomona River from
The Bridge to Somewhere.

P1000124-1.JPG (203227 bytes)

Photo: Selwyn









The Bridge to Somewhere.

Taranaki Tour Nov-15.jpg (171168 bytes)

Photo: Neale









The Bridge to Somewhere.

P1010730-1.JPG (144972 bytes)

Photo: Maurice







And so we say, "Farewell!" to the Bridge to Somewhere.

IMGP3371-1.JPG (174698 bytes)

Photo: Margaret











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