Whangamomona to Te Wera

14 November, 2010

And now we leave the 4WD track behind and start the hard work of riding a gravel road
with not much in the way of wheel tracks, and a fairly impressive hill to climb.

Oh, by the way, we reached Aotuhia about 30 minutes before the vans turned up.







Lyn and Neale arrive at the summit on Upper Mangaehu Road.

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Photo: Caroll








So does Susan.

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Photo: Caroll








Closely followed by Annie, Steve and Mack.

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Photo: Margaret









Rural Scene.

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Photo: Margaret











Neale considers the Makahu Tunnel.

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Photo: Lyn











Looks like he's still not game to enter.

Taranaki Tour Nov-18.jpg (72837 bytes)

Photo: Lyn







Let's read about it.

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Photo: Margaret









Taranaki Tour Nov-19.jpg (170274 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale









There  -   it does not look too daunting.  It's only 166 metres to the other end.

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Photo: Mack








Gary's on his way down the hill.

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Photo: Margaret









The camp at Te Wera.

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Photo: Mack










After dinner at Te Wera.  Another absolutely delicious meal, put on this time
by the ladies of Huiakama School.

We are now awaiting the start of the evening's trivia quiz put on by Neale and Sloop.

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Photo: Selwyn







The time in Auckland, New Zealand is







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