Te Wera to Urenui

15 November, 2010

After leaving Purangi we did not have far to go before we were back on sealed roads







A little climb through the trees not long after leaving Purangi.

Approaching Tarata-1.jpg (190689 bytes)

Photo: Colin











Yeee Haaa!!   The gravel has finished.  Well, until tomorrow, anyway.

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Photo: Margaret









Mount Taranaki absolutely fascinated the photographers, with just about all of them stopping to capture its
majesty many times.    So there is no apology for displaying many pictures of this magnificent mountain.

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Photo: Margaret











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Photo: Maurice











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Photo: Selwyn










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Photo: Maurice











Heading towards Waitara-1.jpg (81287 bytes)

Photo: Colin












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Photo: Selwyn





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Photo: Mack









Bikes need rest too!!

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Photo: Selwyn









Lunchtime at the McKee oil field.

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Photo: Caroll








This is, or may be, Shrek.

Taranaki Tour Nov-12.jpg (66609 bytes)


Taranaki Tour Nov-11.jpg (126672 bytes)

Photos: Lyn or Neale



Here's a little story about Shrek.  He was sort of self trapped on the McKee Viewing Area,
that's behind the camera in the shot below, and at top of the path above.  In the top photo he was not actually looking at the information board.   But he was running up and down the path leading to the viewing area.  When some of our party wanted to go to the top Shrek's running to and fro became even more panicky.  The intruders got as far as the bend in the path in the photo below - they were not game to go further.   It was stalemate!  But Shrek was obviously distressed.

Time for someone to come to the rescue, so Mack steps forward.   In the photo below, just past where the path disappears
at the bottom, there was a gate - rather rickety, admittedly - giving access to the little bit of luscious grass by the shed.
Mack figures that if Shrek can get past the intruders he will come down the path and be gently drafted on to the grass.
So he holds the gate open and tells everyone to get out of the way and let Shrek through.   Shrek takes the hint and goes
barrelling past the intruders, doing those sheep jumps that you see from time to time, and then starts heading at full
speed down the path towards the intrepid, but now slightly worried, Mack.   It is obvious that Shrek has not read the
script.  Just before he reaches the gate he launches himself in to the air, pretending to be a steeplechaser at Ellerslie,
and his legs hit the gate, smashing it and tearing what's left of it off the hinges.

Shrek disappears out on to the road.   Fortunately there was no traffic coming.   Steve and Neale go to the rescue and manage to get Shrek herded on to someone's front lawn.

All's well that ends well.


P1010754-1.JPG (108233 bytes)

Photo: Maurice












One last peek at Mount Taranaki, while Selwyn considers something else.

Taranaki Tour Nov-13.jpg (113561 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale










Urenui Beach.

Taranaki Tour Nov-14.jpg (110178 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale











After dinner there were stories to be told and Mack received the day's gold medal for his
shepherding techniques.

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Photo: Selwyn









The time in Auckland, New Zealand is







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