Urenui Loop

16 November, 2010




This was almost a rest day.  Just a nice little loop ride up to Okoki, up (the operative word)
to the top of Kaka Road, through the Uruti Road Tunnel, out to SH3 at Uruti, & back to Urenui.
54km without the vans.  Easy!!





Picturesque Kaiwaru Road follows the Urenui River along the valley floor to Okoki.

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Photo: Margaret









Looks like Neale has a plan.   Possibly a mischievous one.

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Photo: Mack








Thought so!!

Taranaki Tour Nov-15.jpg (176857 bytes)

Photo: Lyn








At least he's trained - refer 1st photo of day 1.

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Photo: Margaret








The school at Okoki has been bought by locals and will be converted to a backpackers' lodge.

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Photo: Selwyn








The Neapolitan Mastiff had never seen so many people before,
let alone strangely dressed ones.  He was not a happy chappy.

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Photo: Mack











The climb up to the Kaka Road summit is about 2km long.  At least the gravel was in good condition.

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Photo: Margaret








Getting close to the top.

IMGP3415-1.JPG (110021 bytes)

Photo: Margaret











The little climb is rewarded by some great views of Taranaki hinterland.

Taranaki hinterland from Kaka Rd-1.jpg (137216 bytes)

Photo: Colin









This is from the summit looking down the valley towards Uruti Road.

P1010863-1.JPG (141415 bytes)

Photo: Mack








A local told us that, apart from the roads up the mountain, this is one of the highest roads in Taranaki.

Taranaki Tour Nov-16.jpg (143726 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale









The northern end of Uruti Road Tunnel

Taranaki Tour Nov-11.jpg (169205 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale









Neale has a justifiable fascination with tunnel roof linings - or lack thereof!

Taranaki Tour Nov-12.jpg (132209 bytes)

Photo: Neale












This smooth cliff face looked a bit like a breaking wave.  Eagle eyed people saw a goat up on these cliffs,
seemingly defying gravity.

IMGP3424-1.JPG (160561 bytes)

Photo: Margaret









Uruti Church.

IMGP3427-1.JPG (138624 bytes)

Photo: Margaret










Some tourists preferred to not discover the pain and the joy that Kaka Road had to offer.
They had other plans!!

Selwyn shows Briar and Bryan, on his GPS, where the next Geo-Cache hunt will be.

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Photo: Caroll









The GPS reckons that Ted and his helpers need to be searching around this log -
and they should be thinking like a snake.

Taranaki Tour Nov-13.jpg (184960 bytes)

Photo: Lyn








The hunt continues.

P1010868-2.JPG (134060 bytes)

Photo: Mack









Success!!    Ted has done it again.  He had to get Selwyn to stick his arm in the
hole just above his head to find the Cache.

P1000152-1.JPG (180603 bytes)

Photo: Selwyn









Urenui Beach, north end.

P1010873-1.JPG (149911 bytes)

Photo: Mack









Urenui Beach, south end.

P1010871-1.JPG (228184 bytes)

Photo: Mack










Urenui Beach, the river meets the sea.

P1010869-1.JPG (212582 bytes)

Photo: Mack










Urenui - oil and gas lurk out on the horizon.

P1010872-1.JPG (39417 bytes)

Photo: Mack









Time to cross the suspension bridge and head back to the motel.

IMG_4009-1.JPG (146826 bytes)

Photo: Caroll








Urenui River.

P1010875-2.JPG (127334 bytes)

Photo: Mack











Meanwhile, Margaret had gone off to have a look at the southern end of Waikawau Beach, near Pukearuhe.
You will recall that there is a tunnel at the northern end of the beach.

IMGP3429-1.JPG (138908 bytes)

Photo: Margaret










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