The Mad Hatter's Tea Party


16 November, 2010


Gary & Steve were champions, working their magic on the barbie while the rest of us
were making a lot of noise.  However, they were not hat wearers - but that didn't matter 'cos they were feeding us.

P1000154-1.JPG (111730 bytes)










Selwyn was intrigued by the variety of hats we were wearing and decided to
do a photograhic study.

Here are his works of art.






Ray has chosen a demure little number in grey.

P1000157-1.JPG (71355 bytes)












Maurice went for this classic twotone job, promoting a Worldly message :
Earth, Sea and Sky.

P1000158-1.JPG (80784 bytes)










Mack was weighted down by the Matterhorn!!.

P1000153-1.JPG (93575 bytes)










Colin, very sensibly, had this simple number designed to reflect the heat of the Taranaki sunshine.

P1000153-2.JPG (113193 bytes)










Keith chose a classic cheese-cutter.  He told us that these flat caps are also known
as a sixpence, scally cap, Ivy Cap, Irish Cap, salmon hat, UNION Cap, Dai cap,
Jeff cap, Windsor cap, touring or driving cap, and newspaper Cap.

P1000159-1.JPG (94854 bytes)

(Actually, he did not tell us that at all - Wikipedia did.  But if he had thought about it, rest assured, he would have kept us informed.)











Glen decided all the other offerings were a little bland and chose this useful rainbow number.

P1000162-1.JPG (86563 bytes)

Looks like Dennis is a little jealous!!









Selwyn could not identify the wearer of this one - maybe it was Lesley's.

P1000163-1.JPG (117195 bytes)














And, in this case, we could not identify the person.

P1000167-1.JPG (79491 bytes)











Selwyn decided, as artists are so entitled, to give Annie honorary membership to
this group of millineriasts.  He decided that her crowning glory made a good hat anyway.






P1000168-1.JPG (71535 bytes)











Here's the noisy bit mentioned above.







The time in Auckland, New Zealand is






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