Urenui to New Plymouth

17 November, 2010




Another fairly easy day today.   Along to Waitara for a coffee - the withdrawal symptoms were
starting to show - then inland to Inglewood for lunch and back to the coast at New Plymouth.





Almost ready to leave the Urunui Bay Motel.  We had booked out the whole place
for two nights.

Taranaki Tour Nov-12.jpg (109810 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale









Coffee fix in Waitara.

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Photo: Margaret









Mt Taranaki was being a little more elusive today.

P1010760-1.JPG (39797 bytes)

Photo: Maurice









Caroll went for the larger view.  This was shortly before arriving in Inglewood.

IMG_4019-1.JPG (36299 bytes)

Photo: Caroll








Lunch at Jubilee Park in Inglewood.

IMGP3436-1.JPG (122986 bytes)

Photo: Margaret












Climbed up a little hillock to get a better view, if any, of Taranaki - but it was coverd in cloud.

Turned around, and there was Ruapehu basking in sunshine 120 km away.




P1000171-1.JPG (76476 bytes)

Photo: Selwyn   (I think everyone took an identical shot.)










Just before Egmont Village we saw lots of bikes leaning on a fence.  The general consensus was,
"That's a BIG touring group."

Taranaki Tour Nov-13.jpg (168906 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale








Turns out they were fence decoration for "The Missing Leg Lodge Backpackers."

IMGP3437-1.JPG (106422 bytes)

Photo: Margaret










JB found one with pumped up tyres and went for a ride.

Taranaki Tour Nov-11.jpg (116208 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale



Our accommodation experts also went inside to suss it out for future reference.









After only a 65 km ride to New Plymouth a group decided to cycle the foreshore path along to
the port at Ngamotu to have another coffee.   It was a beautiful afternoon.

New Plymouth foreshore-1.jpg (151680 bytes)

Photo: Colin









A zoomed shot of Paritutu, the power station and the industrial area at the Port.

P1010766-1.JPG (43864 bytes)

Photo: Maurice







Ahhhh!    More coffee.

P1000173-1.JPG (106830 bytes)

Photo: Selwyn













The local council has done a great job extending the coastal path north of
the Waiwakaiho River, all the way to Bell Block.

This included the building of the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, opened last June.

It is a photographers' magnet.   As with the shots of Taranaki, there is no apology for
posting many views of this beautifully designed, and placed, bridge.

P1010774-1.JPG (77021 bytes)

Photo: Maurice











P1010883-1.JPG (62767 bytes)

Photo: Mack










P1010884-1.JPG (108807 bytes)

Photo: Mack











P1010777-1.JPG (74085 bytes)

Photo: Maurice











P1010891-1.JPG (106764 bytes)

Photo: Mack











IMG_4027-1.JPG (57719 bytes)

Photo: Caroll












P1010889-1.JPG (250684 bytes)

Photo: Mack








Turn your sound up and enjoy these two clips.




The time in Auckland, New Zealand is







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