North Egmont Mountain House

18 November, 2010




After a couple of easy days it was time to do the climb to North Egmont.
The Visitor Centre there is at an altitude of 936 metres, or 3,071 feet.





A misty morning meant no views of the mountain from the lovely
Lake Mangamahoe.

Taranaki Tour Nov-14.jpg (125307 bytes)

Photo: Lyn








But the Lake still looked good.

P1010792-1.JPG (142743 bytes)

Photo: Maurice









As did the park.

P1010798-1.JPG (157020 bytes)

Photo: Maurice










Then it was time to start thinking about getting serious.

Foothills of the North Egmont Rd-1.jpg (116353 bytes)

Photo: Colin










The road for the final 6km up through the forest is a lot steeper than it looks.

Toiling up the North Egmont Rd-1.jpg (167118 bytes)

Photo: Colin











When the climbing gets tough, the tough get in to granny gear.

Taranaki Tour Nov-16.jpg (102674 bytes)

Photo: Lyn









Mountain information.

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Photo: Maurice











Cycling did not tire some folk enough, so they went walking.

Taranaki Tour Nov-17.jpg (172498 bytes)

Photo: Lyn









However, Colin took it a bit more seriously than the rest and went for a 5 hour stroll
up to the snowline.

Snow gulley on Egmont-1.jpg (72595 bytes)

Photo: Colin










Looking down to the Visitor Centre.

Looking down on the North Egmont Visitor Centre-1.jpg (121051 bytes)

Photo: Colin









This shot high on Taranaki shows that, quite often, the cloud that obscures it from the distance
is not actually on the mountain itself.

High on Egmont-1.jpg (66037 bytes)

Photo: Colin









Back down at the Visitor Centre the mere mortals take shelter from the sun.

Taranaki Tour Nov-13.jpg (138648 bytes)

Photo: Lyn











North Egmont Visitor Centre.
If you have never been here, put it on your Bucket List.

Taranaki Tour Nov-12.jpg (74108 bytes)

Photo: Lyn









A final look before the lovely downhill ride back to the main road.

Taranaki Tour Nov-11.jpg (150727 bytes)

Photo: Lyn








Leaving Egmont National Park.

P1010808-1.JPG (123032 bytes)

Photo: Maurice










Meanwhile, those who did not venture up the mountain discover Te Wera Wera.
Looks like it has just had a scrub.

P1000174-1.JPG (71691 bytes)

Photo: Selwyn







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