A Rest Day in New Plymouth

19 November, 2010




There was no organised ride today and the tourists were free to go do whatever
they wanted.  Within reason.









Maurice visited Pukekura Park.
You should never leave New Plymouth before you have visited here.

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Photo: Maurice









Pukekura Park has some of the county's finest hot-houses.

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Photo: Maurice










A trip down memory lane to the Murder House!!!!
(PS  It's not in Pukekura Park!!)

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Photo: Maurice









Taranaki's Oil and Gas Fields.

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Photo: Maurice








Port Taranaki from the Breakwater.

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Photo: Maurice












Caroll also visited Pukekura Park.

This fountain puts on a beautifully coloured display at night time.

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Photo: Caroll










Maurice was probably standing on the steps when he took his photo
of Pukekura Park's bridge.

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Photo: Caroll










Water Wheel.

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Photo: Caroll










Selwyn, and several others, visited Tupare on Mangorei Road.

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Photo: Selwyn









There were beautiful gardens and beautiful blooms.

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Photo: Selwyn










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Photo: Selwyn












Eventually the call of Te Wera Wera was too strong.

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Photo: Selwyn









Lyn & Neale were also at Tupare

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Photo: Lyn or Neale









So were Annie, Steve and JB.

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Photo: Lyn or Neale












Taranaki Tour Nov-14.jpg (103510 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale








Gary heading up the hill.

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Photo: Neale








Moturoa Island.   This 81 metre high island is one of the Sugar Loaf Islands.

The Sugar Loaf Islands, along with onshore pinnacles such as Paritutu (153 m/502 ft), represent the oldest volcanic activity on the Taranaki peninsula.    Dating between 1.7 and 1.74 million years of age, the islands are believed to be the remains of a ring fracture or feeders to eroded volcanic vents. 

Volcanic activity in Taranaki subsequently shifted to Kaitake (580,000 years ago), then migrated southeast to Pouakai (230,000 years ago) and the current centre of activity, Taranaki (last erupted in 1755).

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Photo: Neale









From the summit of Paritutu, looking west towards Kaitake, straight ahead, and Pouakai on the left.

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Photo: Neale











From the summit of Paritutu, looking east towards the city.

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Photo: Neale











Paritutu conquerors.  Go Neale and Gary.

Looks like Neale did to Gary what Mack did to Neale 3 years ago : talked him in to climbing up here.  :-))

Taranaki Tour Nov-12.jpg (123782 bytes)

Photo: Neale












Margaret got this shot outside the Puke Ariki Museum & Library.
That's the Wind Wand in the background.

Created by the late New Zealand artist Len Lye, the Wind Wand, a red carbon fiber tube, stands 45 metres (147 feet) high and, like a conductor's baton, dances in the wind as Lye's tribute to what he called "tangible motion."

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Photo: Margaret







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