New Plymouth to Opunake

20 November, 2010




Rest day is over.   Time to get back to work.  Today's ride went up Carrington Road to Pukeiti,
then down to the coast at Cape Egmont and on to Opunake.






The weather was somewhat less than ideal leaving New Plymouth.
The bike path sure looked better a couple of days ago.

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Photo: Caroll









A damp arrival at Pukeiti.

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Photo: Lyn or Neale








A caffiene fix always helps.

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Photo: Lyn or Neale








There was time for a wettish walk through the gardens.

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Photo: Caroll










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Photo: Caroll










Then it was on to Cape Egmont.

ACTA had finally made it!!

Cape Reinga         31 October, 2006
East Cape            3 November, 2009
Cape Palliser        18 February, 2010
Cape Egmont     20 November, 2010

We have toured to the four corners of the North Island.

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Photo: Maurice







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Photo: Selwyn








Big waves coming in from the Tasman.

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Photo: Maurice







Tasman did not have GPS!!

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Photo: Lyn or Neale








Lesley does not seem very perturbed by the dismal weather.

Taranaki Tour Nov-18.jpg (105064 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale









Here comes another breaker.

Taranaki Tour Nov-17.jpg (39597 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale








Looks like the rain stopped for lunch.

Taranaki Tour Nov-11.jpg (72249 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale








Cape Egmont Light.

IMGP3464-1.JPG (83418 bytes)

Photo: Margaret









The processing plant at Oaonui.

P1000201-1.JPG (51241 bytes)

Photo: Selwyn








Maurice captured a few insights in to NZ's oil and gas industry..

P1010873-1.JPG (134831 bytes)

Photo: Maurice










Hmmmm.  Did Maurice score a quick chopper ride???

P1010879-1.JPG (147646 bytes)

Photo: Maurice









How to leave an oil platform if you are in a hurry..

P1010870-1.JPG (80605 bytes)

Photo: Maurice








This is what you use.

P1010872-1.JPG (71303 bytes)

Photo: Maurice









And this is how it works.









Looks like most cyclists could get in there OK.

IMG_4057-1.JPG (61368 bytes)

Photo: Caroll








Up hill and down dale.

IMG_4059-1.JPG (65194 bytes)

Photo: Caroll









Peter Snell

P1010884-1.JPG (60340 bytes)



P1010884-2.JPG (77786 bytes)

Photos: Maurice









Opunake's Main Street

IMGP3465-1.JPG (54948 bytes)

Photo: Margaret








Caroll captured some of Opunake's murals.

IMG_4064-1.JPG (149642 bytes)

Photo: Caroll









IMG_4063-1.JPG (106110 bytes)

Photo: Caroll









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Photo: Caroll









The time in Auckland, New Zealand is







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