Opunake to Hawera

21 November, 2010




Today gave those who did not go up the mountain the other day the opportunity to
have ago - this time up to Dawson Falls.  The good news is that it is not as high -
a mere 900 masl compared with North Egmont's 936 masl.






Not a bad looking morning to leave Opunake.  A quick look at Opunake Beach
before going.

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Photo: Maurice










But it looked a little more dismal along the road.

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Photo: Margaret









However, it was pleasant cycling through the bush up to Dawson Falls.
Maybe not as steep as getting to North Egmont.

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Photo: Margaret









Still a wee bit damp at Dawson Falls Tourist Centre.

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Photo: Margaret










Judy takes peek at the Falls.  She may be thinking, "Is that what we came here for!!??"

IMGP3473-1.JPG (122620 bytes)

Photo: Margaret
















YEP!!  Dawson Falls.

Taranaki Tour Nov-11.jpg (250050 bytes)

Photo: Lyn or Neale


This note is from the DoC website:-

This stunning waterfall is located within walking distance (10 minutes) of the Dawson Falls Visitor Centre in Egmont National Park.

Local Maori legend tell us how it was given its Maori name, Te Rere ‘O’ Noke. “There was a warrior who had done a great mischief and was running from his would be killers and hid behind the then 18 metre waterfall to hide from his pursuers. They ran past and did not find him, so he escaped to the east coast. When the others heard of how he had escaped them they named the falls after him “The Falls of Noke”.

The first European to see the falls was Thomas Dawson. He nearly fell over them when he was exploring up the Kapuni River. He built a small hut nearby as he spent many long hours on the mountain exploring. Today the falls still bear his name, as does the tourist lodge 600 m up the road from the falls.









This is also what we came for - another caffiene fix.
And a cuddle, perhaps.   It sure steamed up the lens.

Taranaki Tour Nov-12.jpg (85047 bytes)

Photo: Neale










Not sure what was happening here, but it looks interesting, whatever it was.

IMG_4070-1.JPG (54420 bytes)

Photo: Caroll








The Kapuni LPG plant on Ahipaipa Road.

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Photo: Margaret








Sun's out again as we head towards the coast.

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Photo: Margaret










Camp at Wheatley Downs Farmstay.

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Photo: Selwyn









Cosy transport to dinner.

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Photo: Selwyn





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Photo: Selwyn







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