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Bicycle Queensland

Bundaberg to Brisbane, 2008


30 August - 7 September, 2008



3 of our members  -  Caroll, Cathy, and Lesley  -   crossed over the ditch
to take part in this 9 day, 600 km ride.


At the start in Bundaberg.  Our 3 plus 1,197 other cyclists.

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First overnight stop was at Woodgate Beach.  Here is Tent City.

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The girls had a more exclusive camp.

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Mary Poppins in Maryborough on day 3.

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Cathy stops for a coffee - showing off her new Dahon.

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Lesley conducting a stretch class.

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Not too many BIG hills on days 1 to 4.

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But there was a BEAUTY on day 8!!!!!

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RAIN  RAIN   RAIN.   After the rest day at Tin Can Bay it started raining
during the night.  And then it BUCKETED down for the whole day.

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But the girls managed to set up camp that evening under the squash club verandah.

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After that, they encountered the steepest hill!

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This cyclist did not make it.

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On day 8 they struck the longest hill.
Have another look at the elevation profile above.

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Then it was reward time with views to The Glass House Mountains.

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Caroll, Lesley and Cathy at the end of the 8th day.

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Cathy and Caroll at the finish line.


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Next day they were able to explore Brisbane's cycle paths
before heading home to reality.

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All photos supplied by Caroll

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