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Wednesday Ride to Attwood's Farm 09/01/13 Margaret's Morning Tea 26/01/13
Swanson Filters 27/01/13 Inner Harbour Loop 03/02/13
Waitangi Falls 06/02/13


Bryan's Parakai Camping Weekend 21&22/01/12 Devonport Coffee Ride - Gadgetry 04/02/12
Maurice's Auckland Circuit 05/02/12 Wednesday Birthday Ride for the C o B!! 08/02/12
Saturday Morning Coffee Ride 18/02/12 Auckland Airport & Beyond 26/02/12
Cambridge Weekend 03/03/12 Karangahake to Anzac Bay 25/03/12
Beveridge Track : A Saturday Ride 31/03/12 Auckland Volcano Tour 22/04/12
South Island Tour, 2012 Margaret & Tony's 2012 South Island Odyssey
Annette and Steve's 2012 Blog Marieke and Arnold's 2012 Blog
Roel and Di's 2012 Blog Keith Craig's Trips Photos 1993 to 2012
Progressive Breakfast 27/05/12 Wednesday Ride to Sanders Park 30/05/12
Bridges of Waikato County 03/06/12 2012 Winter Solstice Weekend at Taumarunui 22 - 24/06/12
Howick Pathways Coffee Ride 16/06/12 Clevedon to Point View 08/07/12
Hauraki Rail Trails 05/08/12 Cathy Sheehan Memorial Ride 02/09/12
Out in the Styx 22/09/12 Clarks Beach Camping 21/10/12
Devonport Coffee Ride (video) 10/11/12 King Country Capers November 2012
Maramarua via Lake Waikare (video) 25/11/12  








Saturday Morning Waterfront Ride 30/07/05 Scandretts Regional Park 31/07/05
Matahuru Hills 14/08/05 Progressive Breakfast 21/08/05
Rangiriri to Bush Tramway Club 04/09/05 Bike Paths to Henderson 11/09/05
Saturday Coffee Ride from Mt Roskill 24/09/05 Clevedon to Orere Point 25/09/05
Howick Delights 09/10/05 Coffee Ride to the Stonefields 15/10/05
Labour Weekend at Cambridge 22/10/05 Pukekawa-Port Waikato-Waikaretu 31/10/05
Waitakere Ranges Ride 06/11/05 Whanganui River Road Ride 12/11/05
Great lake Cycle Challenge 26/11/05 Kaukapakapa to Puhoi and Ahuroa 04/12/05
Christmas Lunch and Trophy Presentations 18/12/05 Wine Trail 08/01/06


Mercer Spring 2004 An Assortment of Old Stuff



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King Country Capers November 2012



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Melbourne Touring November, 2005

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