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Ohinewai - Tahuna

28 January, 2007

Cycling is a very social occasion and it is sometimes interesting to listen in to
what your fellow riders are saying.

So here's a sort of conversation between a couple.




"Well, well, well....

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my little Buttercup.

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I think it's time for lunch."

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"Where would you like to stop, then?"



"Oh - I don't know.  Perhaps thistle do."


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of gorse

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I absolutely disagree with you.

It's a real Mickey Mouse place.....

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... and people can't even park their cars properly.....

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Pick somewhere nice and shady."

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And then, after lunch, just outside Te Hoe it was, "Why
do they have to do road works when we are coming by???"

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(Give this one time to move.)




"We will just have to have another rest stop."

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Photos John McK  plus a couple of donated ones from persons unknown.

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