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Auckland Cycle Touring Association



A Safety Message

25 July, 2007



We can never be too careful while out riding our bikes.


Danger may be lurking in even the most innocuous places.


For example, take

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with a bit of dry mud on it








Add some harmless rain

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and a bicycle


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At least the view from Ward Seven at Auckland Hospital is not too bad.

  cbdback.JPG (147629 bytes)








Background:   Bryan was on his way home from the Club's Wednesday ride and had
ridden just over 100 km.  He was only 500 metres from home, crossing the new footbridge.

dryplycu.JPG (180092 bytes)

The bit of plywood forming the transition between the bridge and the ground
was wet and muddy and the bike just shot out from under him as he was crossing it
dumping him rather unceremoniously, and painfully, on the ground.






We hope it will not be too long before Bryan is back on his bike.





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