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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

Warkworth - Leigh - Pakiri
26 March, 2006


A very beautiful ride, through picturesque country and over
3 rewarding hills.  Several kilometres of gravel thrown in
for added fun.

5 riders did this ride.

Between them they would have had in excess of 300 years living.


You would think they would have checked the weather radar
before going setting out.



Here's the images for 6:00 a.m., 9, and noon.
The 3:00 a.m. image showed the rain just south of Whangarei.

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Image metvuw






They could have confirmed the satelite images.
Warkworth is under there somewhere.

06032605.JPG (100589 bytes) 

Image metvuw





Wolfgang risked drowning his camera to capture the joy of
descending the gravel road in to Pakiri.

Here's Mike and Bryan.

06032603.JPG (68286 bytes)

Photo Wolfgang Pohl







Followed by Pelham and John McK.
Looks like the camera was starting to feel the rain.

06032602.JPG (52108 bytes)

Photo Wolfgang Pohl








At Pakiri school we had lunch under the shelter of the sun shade.
At least, here, it was only wet where the water was steadily soaking through.

06032601.JPG (70556 bytes)

Photo Wolfgang Pohl






At the end of the day we all agreed we had had a great ride.
Well  -  what else could we say??


Tell you what - the hot showers when we got home were fantastic.




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