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North Shore Ride

Saturday 17 May, 2008




The usual stop at Stanley Point for a look back to the CBD.
Shame about the house next door casting its shadow at this time of the year.

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A look at post fog Auckland without cyclists obscuring the view.

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Removal of flints from the brake pads.   That will make for a quieter ride.

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Who says we live "Down Under". 

Here, on North Head, we are clearly right on top of the world.

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Photo John M










Cheltenham Beach from North Head.

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The CBD looms over Devonport.   Remnants of the fog still in the background.

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Coming down North Head.

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Speedy departure from Devonport wharf, with the steam tug
William C Daldy at the outer berth.

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And so we say farewell etc etc etc

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Already we are almost back in town.

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Photo John M






Photos by Caroll S - except for the 2 by John M


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