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Waitakere Eco City Tour
9 November, 2008

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After lunch, Cathy took us up to Ranui.

This looks like a lot of bullrush.

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Actually, the cyclists were on this viewing platform at the eco storm water filtering
pond on the Paremuka Stream at Ranui.

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This is how our leader saw the scene.

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Cathy then took us to Earthsong, an eco community in Ranui.
Here she is explaining the concept to us.  As it is private property, we could not go exploring.

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However, here are three photos from the Earthsong web site to give you an idea
of the life style they are promoting.

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You can check out Earthsong's web site here.  








We moved back to the outskirts of Henderson and rode the now completed
Opanuku Stream path .

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Waitakere City has not skimped on the bridges on the Twin Streams Paths.
This fine curved, dare I say, viaduct, is a great example for other councils to follow.

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You can see photos of the Project Twin Streams opening, April 2007,   here.

And have a look  here to see what some
of these paths looked like when we visited back in September, 2005.












These guys look pretty happy with this bridge.

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Almost back at Henderson Town Centre.

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Cathy gave us a bit of the history of the water wheel.

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This is the ACTA Elvis Fan Club in the Falls Park Reserve.

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After leaving Elvis we headed to the path along the western motorway
and so ended a most interesting tour out west.









When I got home I checked my speedo.
Looking at the max recorded, it really MUST have been a fast blast down Shaw Road.

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