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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

Manukau Live Steamers
5 April, 2009



The fantastic weather continued this week with an absolutely glorious day for the
return to NZ Standard Time.

Our mandatory cafe stop was at Sylvia Park.
Joan is holding the ginormous afghan she had.


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Photo Caroll S











The trains were at full steam ahead when we arrived at the MLS Headquarters.

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Photo Caroll S












A close-up of KA 971 with its builder checking something out.
(As a matter of interest, there was no real K
A 971 - the KAs were numbered
up to 964, and 965 to 970 were K

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Photo John McK













Lunchtime.   There are a couple of bikes in the pic just to indicate that we did ride over
to Mangere.  Really - we did.

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Photo Caroll S









Caroll and Margaret could not resist taking a ride.
The loco is numbered AO811 - a fictitious NZR class.

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Photo John McK











The boys in red waiting for a "real" train to pass.

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Photo Caroll S











Here it is.     The models were much more interesting! 

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Photo Caroll S









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