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Glorit to Warkworth

3 December, 2006

There was a gloriously fine day for our ride across the North Island
from Glorit to Warkworth, with a strong south west wind to help us on our way.





Our first photo opportunity came at this logging site. 

We were fortunate that the logging trucks were not working today.

06120301.JPG (234209 bytes)






Then it came time to swoop down the hill past the logging ops. 
The road swings round and up the hill on the far side of the valley

06120302.JPG (185856 bytes) 








A little further along we heard a frog at the side of the road. 
We stopped to look for it, but it was somewhat elusive, as you will see if you wait around.





06120308 (98593 bytes)










Then it was time for a short wait for the last two riders to catch up.


06120303.JPG (210925 bytes)











Flat earth believers would now be about ready to bid farewell to John G
as he rides off the edge.

06120304.JPG (98802 bytes)







However, they would have a hard time convincing the riders on today's ride
that there was any merit in their beliefs.


Here's the elevation graph for this ride.   John was standing on the
last peak before the big drop off, just past the 12 km mark.

06120309.JPG (67629 bytes)








Time for lunch at Warkworth.

You could sit on the walkway / wharf and feed the ducks......

06120305.JPG (191619 bytes)







.....or just sit or stand around and chat.....

06120306.JPG (146962 bytes)








.....or take heed of what we are always being told, and sit in the shade.

06120307.JPG (190752 bytes)


Whatever your choice, it was PDG.








Photos (except the frog) John McK.
Elevation graph from





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