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Wednesday Ride from Kumeu

18 July, 2007




Although this was the middle of July it felt like a spring day :
warm sunshine and no wind.



Here's the team (well, most of it) just about ready to help our IPP celebrate a very important day.

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Pelham points out some interesting detail of Bryan's bike to IPP Betty.

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The view we never see of ourselves.

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Betty deals to her 'very important birthday' cake.

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Once we reached the Matua Vineyard out the back of Waimauku it was
time to help Betty celebrate with something a little stronger.

We needed little encouragement to "Raise a Glass."

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Lovely surroundings with "The Hunting Lodge" in the background.

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Who cares about Knights of the Round Table when
you can have Cyclists of the Long Table??

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All too soon we have to get back on our trusty steeds
to head home.

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Mrs Port and Mr Starboard getting ready
to weigh anchor.

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Photos by Margaret & John McK

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