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Auckland Cycle Touring Association



North Shore Coffee Ride

16 June, 2007




This was an absolutely beautiful early winter's day in Auckland
with clear skies and a cool sou' easterly breeze.


Our first stop, still in the shade, was at Stanley Point, to gaze
at downtown Auckland  -  that is, until the camera said, "Smile!"

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Here we are on the first of a number of pathway bridges which
cross mangrove covered inlets.
This one is between Kawerau Ave and Plymouth Road.

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Time for a little adjustment at Bayswater.

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The path leading from Bayswater Ave to the rather narrow - and long - bridge
heading to Northboro Reserve.

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Single file is the order of the day.
This bridge is so much more secure than it was several years ago when there was
only a single strand of No 8 wire between you and the mud below.

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Several views from North Head.
First of all Rangitoto dominates the horizon.

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Then Mt Victoria provides the backdrop.
Where would we be without our lovely volcanoes??

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Cheltenham Beach is the backdrop here.

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And, before we head back to Devonport Wharf, one last gaze over the Waitemata Harbour.

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Most of the riders today came from the south side of the harbour, so
we took up a fair amount of the bike parking on board Kea on our return journey.
Most of the riders were outside watching a school of large dolphins
or small orcas.

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Photos by John McK

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