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Auckland Cycle Touring Association

Waitakere Eco City Tour
9 November, 2008

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After leaving New Lynn we headed to the EcoMatters Environment Trust near Olympic Park.
The house is a recycled railways' house.

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The mandatory cup of coffee.  This was in Titirangi.
After the climb up Otitori Bay Road and South Titirangi Road we had earned it.

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Then it was off to the lovely, traffic free, Exhibition Drive.

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Here we received another reward.

Great views over Woodlands Park.

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View over Waima.

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The end of Exhibition Drive, looking toward Manukau Heads

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Leaving Exhibition Drive, we had a fast blast down Shaw Road.

Here Robt, Dot and Cathy are reflecting on it.


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Next to the Oratia Stream Path, part of the Project Twin Streams,
we were shown this community garden.

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One of the many fine bridges on the Twin Streams pathways.
Shame some of the locals had access to spraycans.

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Lunch at Falls Park, where the Oratia and Opunuku Streams join forces to
become the Henderson Creek.

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This spot gave a fine view over the creek.

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