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South Island Tour February, 2007

Thursday, 15th



We left Oturehua in drizzle, but it did not last long.  The trail climbs out of the Ida Valley to the Poolburn Gorge.   This is the most spectacular section of the rail trail with its 37 metre high Poolburn Viaduct and the two tunnels.


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There's light at the end of the tunnel.   This was the shorter of the two Poolburn Tunnels.

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Photo Dick H





Dick is about to enter the longer tunnel.  While the Rail Trail web site suggests that torches would be a good idea, there is no problem in any of the tunnels if you do not have one.    (Unless it's a particularly dull day outside, when there may not be a lot of light getting in to the tunnels - particularly this one.)

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This area gets photographers scrambling for a better view.

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Photo John G






Starting the descent from the tunnels, down to Lauder.

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Photo John G








Two views of the Manuherikia Bridge, the longest on the trail.

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Photo Ed A







A couple of other riders head up the hill.

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The Coffee Express : Angie's Unusual (and very welcome) Coffee Shop at Lauder.

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Photo John G






Angie has delicious coffee and cakes and ice creams to tempt you.

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We had had lunch at Omakau and then did a side trip to Ophir to take in this old village and it's suspension bridge.


The historic Post Office at Ophir. 

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The Old Drapery Shop was definitely in need of a coat of paint, but it had an interesting window decoration.

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Crossing the Manuherikia River again near Alexandra.  This was one of a couple of wooden trestle bridges on the trail.

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We stayed at Hartley Arms Back Packers in Clyde where we were made very welcome by the lovely Stella.

Of course you had to work hard to keep her entertained.







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The garden was delighfully relaxing.
If you are staying in Clyde, try to be there on a Thursday when there is some good live music and dancing  in the bar just across the road.

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And, of course, Maria and Wally made us very welcome, too.

Hartley Arms Backpackers


Historic cottage accommodation in a quiet private setting on Clyde's main street in close proximity to a choice of restaurants, cafes, and dairies.

Capacity 10 people only.


Come and relax in our gorgeous cottage garden.

Your friendly hosts Maria and Wally.

Address: Maria or Wally, 25 Sunderland Street, Clyde
Phone: 03 449 2700
Mobile: 021 189 5097 or 027 436 8562








Photos John McK unless otherwise credited.

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