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South Island Tour February, 2007

Saturday, 17th



This was a gloriously fine Central Otago day.

We left Clyde by the road to the south of the river, through Earnscleugh.
This took us through to Alexandra and then a serious climb out of there.

We have stopped for a breather at the top of the climb.

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Photo John G








This tarn looked inviting enough to swim in but, alas, we had to keep on keeping on.

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On arrival at Fruitlands we were disappointed to find the café was not yet open.
We had really been looking forward to our morning fix.
Anyway, we had a look around and found the lady of the house.  We convinced her that 14
thirsty, caffeine deprived cyclists would make it worthwhile turning the coffee machine on.
So she obliged.  And she had some nice scones too which we devoured in the
courtyard out the back.

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Photo John G









Lunchtime beside the Clutha below the Roxburgh Dam. Same trio as yesterday.
Maybe they did not do anything besides eat.
Although snoozing seems to be a good alternative here.

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Photo John G






These horses knew a good place to graze when they saw one.  The sprinklers were very handy.
Looks like the near horse could have done with a bit more tucker.

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Sunday, 18th


Today we rode from Millers Flat, through Raes Junction and Tapanui, to Gore


We thought a coffee at the pub at Raes Junction would be nice but, alas, it was the pub with no coffee!!


Or beer, or anything else it seems, until the mortgagee sale has been completed.



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Photo John G






In Gore a little bit of drizzle meant that Pat could not get her knickers dry outside.
However, being very patient and inventive, she got them dry anyway.   :-)

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Monday, 19th


Today's ride took us through Wyndham (for coffee, of course), Edendale, and Dacre
on our way to Invercargill.




There was some interesting topiary on the outskirts of Edendale.

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Photo John G








Tony enjoys his post prandial snooze not far from Dacre.

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Photos John McK unless otherwise credited.

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