Route Planning with Ride with GPS

A handy tool for planning cycle touring routes is Ride with GPS.

ACTA is a club member of the Ride with GPS route planner. Using the ride with GPS route planner app club riders are building up a library of routes. This is the link to the ACTA planned routes to date.


To be able to access the ACTA planned routes on Ride with GPS you have to sign up as a member of the Ride with GPS app. Membership is free but you can pay a subscription for more features. See Ride with GPS for more details. Below is the link to the sign-up page.

Once you have signed in, email to obtain access to the ACTA Ride with GPS Account.

ACTA Ride with GPS App Home Page

Have a great ride that would make a great ACTA Route?

If you have completed a great ride that you feel should be in the ACTA route library this is what to do.

Record the ride using Ride with GPS or whatever you normally use then:

  1. Share the Ride from within the Ride With GPS app. After saving the ride, then select Share via email from the three vertical dots.
  2. If sharing from the Ride with GPS website, select Rides – then the ride, then email the ‘Link’.
  3. If using a different recording app, export the ride as a file in a ‘.fit’ (best) or ‘.tcx’ format.
  4. Email the Ride to