Rides are at an average of 15 to 20 km depending on the terrain – plus generous stops.

There are club rides on both Saturday and Sunday each week. Both of these rides start at 9 am and the Saturday ride usually finishes at about midday and the Sunday ride between 3 pm and 4 pm. The starting point of our Saturday and Sunday rides will vary depending on the routes taken.

During the week there is a Wednesday ride that starts at Kumeu at 9.30 am and these rides are between 35km and 55km in length usually finishing about 3 pm. On these rides, the destination is decided on the day. On the first Wednesday of each month, there is usually an additional Wednesday ride that starts from the Ferry Building downtown.

You need a well-maintained bike with good tyres and brakes, and you should wear high visibility clothing. Bring plenty of drinks as well as rain gear and a spare inner tube.. On Wednesday and Sunday rides you will need to bring lunch.

You will need to bring lunch & plenty of drinks as well as rain gear, a puncture outfit & a spare tube.

Please ring to let the ride leader know you will be on the ride, or if you want more information about it.

Also, call the ride leader if you would like to carpool. We suggest you offer your driver 10 cents / k

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