Links to council and government organisations responsible for roads.

the Official New Zealand CODE FOR CYCLISTS.

If you wonder why in New Zealand everyone needs to wear a helmet, click on the helmet below to view a page (Is a helmet really worth it?) found by two kids (Patricia and Elizabeth) who took part in a bicycle safety program:

If you do have a problem with an obstacle, or if you just want to improve safety for yourself and other cyclists, please report incidents and maintenance issues to Auckland Transport:

You want to know what’s happening on the Auckland Transport Scene??
Click AKT’s logo.

Links to cycling action groups.

If you want to learn about cycle advocacy, and links to other touring data, click on the logo to check out Cycling Advocates Network.

Cycling Advocates Network

For Auckland cycle advocacy this logo takes you to Cycle Action Auckland.

Cycle Action Auckland

All about cycling in Auckland

Frocks on Bikes

Frocks on Bikes

Auckland Cycling Chic

Links to other cycling clubs.
Sometimes you may find that getting out for the whole day interferes with your lawn mowing plans.  If that’s the case (and we are not running a short ride), you may find a club or event on the ‘Bike New Zealand’ site.

Bike New Zealand

Click on the logo below to take a look at the Manukau Vets.   While we would prefer that you ride with us, MCVCC rides every Sunday in South Auckland (and will offer you some friendly, not too serious, gentle competition once a month).   And you have the bonus of being able to be home on Sunday afternoon to be responsible.

Manukau City Veterans Cycle Club

Here’s a link if you are going to Hamilton.

Hamilton Cycling

Links to cycling events.
But maybe you are looking for a real challenge.    So why not cycle round Lake Taupo in one day. All you need to know, and more, about this great ride is at

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Links to overseas cycling sites.

Going to Australia??
Check out the Adelaide

Adelaide Touring Cyclists

and Melbourne Touring Clubs.

Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club

Maybe you are going to Bali!!!

Bali Star Cycling