There are two options for organizing different types of club tours:

  1. Hub Tours: Typically, the leader selects the location of the tour. Members are responsible for organizing and paying for their own accommodation.

  2. Supported Tours: The leader books and pays for the accommodation for everyone on the trip. The total cost is calculated based on the number of riders and the overall tour expenses. Each member then pays their share into the club’s bank account.

The process for managing payments is as follows:

  • The leader organizes the accommodation payments through the club’s treasurer.
  • Payments can be made by the treasurer in advance or by the leader upon arrival at the accommodation.
  • The leader is reimbursed by the treasurer without delay.

The tour leader or assistant manages the tour finances using a spreadsheet on the club’s Google Drive. Additionally, the tour leader forwards invoices for accommodation and other costs to the treasurer, who maintains these records.

For any inquiries, you can contact the treasurer at