Tours Organiser/Committee

The second key role in the club is the Tours Organiser and bellow is a summary of the role.

  • Maintain Tours Calendar: Schedule a tours programme months in advance to ensure a variety of cycling tours throughout the year.
  • Plan Suitable Routes: Design and select safe, enjoyable routes that cater to different skill levels and preferences of club members.
  • Find Ride Leaders: Recruit and assign experienced and knowledgeable ride leaders to guide and support participants during each tour.

The Tours Organiser relies heavily on member participation:

  • Volunteer as Tour Leaders: Members are encouraged to volunteer as tour leaders. If you have not led a tour before, the Tour Organiser can provide basic training.
  • Tail-End Charlies: Volunteers for the Tail-End Charlie role will be called for on the day of the ride to ensure the safety and well-being of all riders.

Your involvement as a ride leader or Tail-End Charlie enhances the experience and safety of our tours, fostering a supportive and enjoyable community for all members.

 There is also a Tours Committee which oversees the planning and organising of tours. The Tour Leader is a key role and it can involve route planning and the organising of accommodation and the finances for the tour.

The Committee has had to take into account the advent of electric bikes which suit a different type of tour known as hub tours. If you have a tour route that you would like to participate just let the Tour Organiser know. You can view some of the clubs past tours in the Trip Reports/Galleries on this website.