Twenty five ACTA members attended the two night, three day stay at the Whatipu Lodge. An additional three attended the AGM and dinner.

Members arrived at the historic lodge from about 2.00pm after driving the last 9km over a badly rutted and corrugated metal road. We had passed Neil and Lyn while on the way, riding their laden bikes up the hilly road. They refused all offers to carry their panniers and steadfastely continued their way through the rain; to eventually arrive a few hours later.

Some of the early arrivals went for a short walk to the beach while others helped Wolfgang unload his motorhome and carry all the food into the lodge and packing it into the fridges. Maureen busied herself in the kitchen practising her scone making skills to produce a pleasant afternoon tea.

Wolfgang provided a superb dinner and was hardly seen out of the kithen, as he appeared to work around the clock to keep us all feed with breakfast, lunches, afternoon teas and dinners.

Marlene tool charge of the fire to keep us all warm and the evening was spent chatting in the dining room.

The next day we split into two groups for either a long walk along the beach to the Paraha track and back via the Gibbons Track; or a beach walk to the caves and back.

In the afternoon Annette called us to order for the AGM that was brief as usual. She gave a report on the past year and the accounts were presented by Geoff, indicating a healthy financial position.

The Committee were re-elected to serve for another year.

  • President Annette Collins
  • Treasurer Geoff Phillips
  • Secretary Colin Quilter
  • Committee: Helen Williams, Ron Smith, Bruce Rankine, Matt Crozier, Simon Bucherer, Carol Gilbertson

After dinner, Simon presented a very well planned post-AGM quiz..

Neil and Lynn were first to leave on Wednesday morning with a hard bike ride back to the CBD ferry building then on home via ferry to Whangaparaoa. It did not help that it rained over the night. The rest of us, after cleaning up, headed home in our motor vehicles. A few completed another walk before they left.

You can visit the Whatipu Lodge website here:

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Whatipu AGM & 75th Anniversary Get Together – 30th April & 1st May 2024