As you will be aware, the Level 3 lockdown in Auckland has been extended by four days. At midnight on Sunday, August 30 we will drop to Level 2; but with the added condition that in Level 2 group size for social activities must not exceed ten. 
Level 2, with the group size limitation, will last for a week, until Sunday 6 September.

We’ve thought about how this will affect ACTA rides. Clearly they can’t occur under Level 3, and the group size limitation would make the organization of rides difficult during the following one week of Level 2.

Therefore we think it best to cancel all ACTA rides until Monday 7 September. We’ll review, as necessary, after that date.
Until then, I hope that your cycling for exercise continues, either solitary or with those in your bubble. We have a lot to be thankful for. 
And recall that although folk have picked up Covid 19 in homes, workplaces, bars, restaurants, buses, and churches NOBODY (as far as I know) has ever contracted Covid 19 on a bicycle.