Ambury Park on the Manukau and has a camping ground. It is the nearest camping site to the Auckland International airport. Campsites can be booked ($16 ) and paid for on the Auckland Councils website. When you arrive you can pitch your tent in any unused spaces. The camping ground has toilets and a supply of freshwater. There is no separate kitchen but a stand where dishes may be washed. There are hot showers not in the camping ground but nearby. There is only a few tables in the camping area which makes it difficult for meals if you only have a tent.

There is a connection to the Manukau Cycleway which is south of the camping ground. There is also a walkway on the Manukau Harbour which you can access from the camping ground and here there are fantastic views of the Manukau harbour. Ambury Park may suit new club members rather than experienced club members as it is close to the central city while more experienced members may prefer more distant regional parks.