There’s no better way to see New Zealand (or the world) than with a bike and a tent. It’s called “unsupported touring.” To do it successfully requires some gear and some experience. You can gain that by coming away on short overnight rides to regional camping grounds with experienced ACTA folk. Try out your tent, find better ways of packing and carrying your gear, get ideas about what and how much to take……. Geoff Phillips will lead a small series of overnight trips to nearby regional parks for those who want to improve their camping and cycle-touring skills. Those who just want to drink coffee in beautiful surroundings with good company are welcome too!There are 27 regional parks to visit and many of these have camping grounds in prime coastal locations. The first overnighter was at Ambury Park and there were ten riders on the ride which started at the Domain rotunda in the Domain and went out to the airport for coffee before returning to Ambury park to camp overnight which was a total of 33 kilometres.Overnighter Ride route There was only one newbie on the ride to cycle touring and one of the main objectives of the overnighters is to provide experience to new cycle tourers before they embark on their first club tour. Members on the ride who have been on many cycle tours were only too willing to provide lots of valuable advice on what to expect on a club tour. It also gives new members the opportunity to get to know members better that is usually possible on club day rides. It is also envisaged that visits to more distant regional parks such as the Tapapakanga Regional Park will suit experienced riders looking for a greater challenge. This park has a great shoreline with lots of campsites right on the beach. 

Tapapakanga Regional Park

The Auckland Regional Parks

Links to notes on the regional parks visited by the club:

Ambury Park Regional Camping Ground